Librarians on Jeopardy!…Two Days in a Row!

Last night and Thursday night I got a big thrill while watching Jeopardy! because each night, one of the contestants was a librarian!  It doesn’t surprise me that librarians would be on Jeopardy!, but I was amazed that they would be on back-to-back nights.  They didn’t win, but it was fun to root for them.  Since I have a treasure trove of “useless knowledge” in my head, one of my goals is to appear on Jeopardy! some day and win some money for all those facts, statistics, and assorted goodies. 

To all the librarians who are aspiring to phrase their answer in the form of a question, go for it!  Show off how much we know!


One Response to “Librarians on Jeopardy!…Two Days in a Row!”

  1. clevelandrodriguez Says:

    You have a good memory, I can’t remember any AIX servers. I do remember an old Sun server and an SGI “Super computer” but I can’t remember any of the Click

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