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Phoning It In: My First Phone Interview

January 21, 2007

I had a phone interview for a position at Charlotte School of Law’s library on Wednesday…I’m hoping it went well from the interviewers’ perspectives and I didn’t sound too nervous (I tried to achieve the perfect balance of nervousness mixed with confidence 😉 ).  Going to North Carolina would’ve been nice, considering it was about 20 degrees outside that day and my car was encased in ice, but I’m not being picky at all.  It was a great chance for me to get some experience concerning what it’s like to be involved in a conference call, and to get a taste of the types of questions that people can ask.

Here’s a cute sidelight about Charlotte Law that I enjoyed because I had a beagle mix when I was growing up: the school’s mascot.


I’ve Crossed the Threshold!

January 4, 2007

Yes, I’ve applied for 2 positions, and will soon be submitting my materials for 2 more.  I love that law libraries are now accepting application materials through email…3 seconds, and I know for sure that it went where it was supposed to go.  With snail mail, you send everything off and worry that you wrote the address incorrectly, or that the post office will somehow either lose it or deliver it to the wrong place.

  Now I guess the wait-and-see-with-fingers-crossed period has also officially started.  I’ve already gotten input from some of the law librarians at my university about what they think of the places I’m looking at…I’m very grateful for it – thank you!

Librarian, Sell Thyself

December 28, 2006

That IS what they tell us to do when we apply for a job, isn’t it?  I’ve finally reached the threshold of the doorway that leads out to the job hunt, and will be crossing it with the start of the new year.  I have a couple reference librarian job positions under consideration already…hopefully they’re still open.

As I sit and think about how to structure my cover letters, I find myself asking the usual question: “What is going to set me apart without making me seem (a) arrogant or (b) weird?”  I want to convey the impression that I’ll fit into the law library’s culture, but there’s only so much I can do to guess what that is without taking a trip and checking things out in person.  I’d also like to infuse a tiny essence of my personality into the materials I’m submitting, but I’m afraid of scaring the search committees. 🙂

One thing I’ve already learned and need to pass along to to others is to format your resume from scratch.  Don’t try to fool around with a template or wizard because it will leave you with too much white space and the bullets won’t do what you want them to do regardless of how nicely you ask.  Doing it yourself gives you the flexibility and control to produce something that’s the best reflection of the image you want to present to potential employers. 

So here I go into the unknown…